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Dillard's Mystic Cauldron Collection ~ 14 products

Dillard's Mystic Cauldron Collection ~ 14 products

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Welcome to our bewitching "Witch's Brew" fragrance collection, where every scent is crafted to evoke the mystical and enchanting essence of ancient rituals and magical gatherings.

Step into the enchanting world of our Dillard's Mystic Cauldron Collection fragrance products, where ancient magic and modern allure converge. This captivating blend of products captures the essence of a bubbling cauldron filled with mysterious herbs, resinous dragon's blood, and hints of exotic spices. Infused with the warmth of amber and a touch of sweet vanilla, these fragrance products casts spells of intrigue and mystique, invoking visions of moonlit rituals and whispered incantations. Perfect for those who seek to embrace their inner enchantress and infuse their space with the bewitching aroma of ancient potions.

Step into the world of "Witch's Brew" and embrace the magic with our enchanting fragrance products, designed to add a touch of mysticism to your daily rituals and spaces. Perfect for those who cherish the allure of ancient wisdom and the power of scent to transport and transform.

Included in this collection:

1 bottle of Dragon's Blood, 1 bottle of Dillard's Delight, and 1 bottle Twilight Woods scented Room Spray 

1 container of Sandalwood scented Carpet Scent Boosters

1 clamshell of Cedarwood and 1 clamshell of Cinnamon scented wax melts

5 scented wax shots including Patchouli, Frankincense, Sandalwood, Dillard's Delight, and Twilight Woods 

1 pack (10 sticks) of Dillard's Delight, 1 pack (10 sticks) of Frankincense and Myrrh, and 1 pack (10 sticks) of Patchouli incense sticks 


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