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Delight Your Senses with Our Fruity Collection ~ 9 products

Delight Your Senses with Our Fruity Collection ~ 9 products

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Explore our fruity products and indulge in the juicy, vibrant scents of fresh fruits. From zesty citrus to sweet berries, bring a burst of freshness into your home.

Experience a burst of fruity bliss with our Fruity Collection, where the essence of ripe, juicy fruits meets luxurious fragrance. Perfect for those who love the refreshing and vibrant scents of nature, our products are crafted to enliven your senses and brighten any space.

  • Juicy Fruit Aromas: Dive into the invigorating scents of citrusy lemons, tangy oranges, sweet strawberries, succulent watermelon, and tropical pineapples, capturing the essence of freshly picked fruits.
  • High-Quality Ingredients: Made with premium essential oils and natural extracts, our fruity products deliver a clean and authentic fragrance experience.
  • Versatile Selection: Choose from a variety of products including room sprays, scented carpet crystals, wax melts, wax shots and much more. Perfect for infusing your home with the delicious scents of fruits.
  • Long-Lasting Freshness: Enjoy the lingering aroma that fills the air with fruity goodness, creating a lively and uplifting ambiance.

    Transform your home into a fruity paradise, bringing a sense of joy and freshness to your daily life.

  • Ideal for gifting to fruit enthusiasts and anyone who loves the vibrant, natural scents of fresh fruits.
  • Perfect for enhancing mood and creating a cheerful atmosphere during gatherings, parties, or everyday moments.

At Scented Serenity Company, we are committed to offering high-quality fruity products that elevate your sensory experience. Our dedication to excellence ensures that each product brings the essence of ripe fruits directly to you.

 Explore our Fruity Collection and discover the joy of fruity fragrances in your home. Whether you're looking to brighten your space with citrus zest or indulge in the sweetness of berries, our products promise to delight your senses and enhance your environment.

Treat yourself to the irresistible allure of fruity scents with Scented Serenity Company LLC. Explore our collection, indulge in nature's freshness, and transform your space into a vibrant oasis of fruity delight. Shop now and let the fruity fun begin!

Each order will consist of :

1 bottle of Lick Me All Over and 1 bottle Cherry Bombs Room Spray 

1 container of Butt Naked Carpet Scent Boosters

1 clamshell of Simply Summer scented wax melts

5 fruity wax shots including Strawberry, Peach Pebbles, Raspberry Kindness, Pomegranate, and Caribbean Fruit 

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